Friday, 1 February 2008

Work and All That

Think I better explain what I do. I work for the 3rd largest employer in the world, the NHS ( I gather that the Chinese Army and Indian railroad are bigger (This may not be true!)). My role is a Branch Secretary for Britain's greatest Trade Union, UNISON.

For me this is the best job in the world (until eating chocolate while watching Heroes on the Telly becomes a legitimate career). As a transgendered woman, I am very lucky, beacause I'm working in 2 of the most liberal and inclusive organisations in the world.

The biggest irony is that a Branch Secretary is an organising role, and I am the most disorganised person I know ( and thats even includes my best friend Vicky), but either by luck or lack of other peoples judgement I seem to get away with it. Its a common thread through my life that I feel somehow illegitiment and will be found out soon. Anyway, I do have to be elected every year and I face the annual torment of our AGM on Feb 19th.

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