Friday, 22 February 2008

In Praise of The Fish

I adore Fish. Not the smelly, bone riddled excuse for a food, but the Progressive Rock troubadour of ex Marillion and "Kayleigh" fame. Ive just been listening to his track Lucky
"An '85 veteran face from the gallery.
A ghost from the civil war in the family.
He stood his ground on the picket line
'Till all he was left with.
Were his father's cough. And his mother's eyes.
That would hold a tear for the very first time.
When the government they took his job away.
Now fist in hand he'll stand in line.
Declare his name and mark his time.
To some the only proof that they're alive"

As John Lennon clearly didn't say, "Give Prog a Chance".
Its time to dig out my "Coal not Dole" Badge


Billy Whizz said...

Perhaps "Emphysema or pulmonary oedema" would better slogan to reflect the options of those who you wished to work in victorian condition. You have to look long term when assessing the health of the nation.

My god that's ripe coming from someone who really struggles to look after himself

Billy Whizz said...

Fish's lyrics may be compelling but I wince the moment I see religious references. This has been the root of more conflict than any contentious poltician ever has.

Jen, perhaps we have more in common polically than I thought. It's just my passion seems to be directed at theist bigots who've been at it for far longer than any current government system and have a much stronger strangle hold

Jenny Harvey said...

Not sure I see many religious reference is Fish lyrics

Not sure "Emphysema or Pulmonary oedema" would fit on a badge

Billy Whizz said...

Without knowing anything about Fish he is clearly a proddy from his lyrics