Thursday, 31 January 2008

Quiz Night (1) For Whom the Bells Almost Toll

Last night was our weekly quiz night. Our team is the "3 non Blondes" consisting of Vicky, Debbie and myself. We are totaly and inappropriately competetive. Our mighty opposition are "The Muppets", "The Campanologists" and our deadly rivals "Sixth Sense". We had managed to win the last 2 weeks in a row until last night. Shorn of our own Jeremy Clarkson, in the shape of Vicky, who selfishly thought doing her shift at work was more important than the quiz, we finished a distant 3rd. I think "2 Dumb Blondes" would have been a better epithet. The quiz was won by the formidable Sixth Sense with Campanologists a gnats whisker behind (Do gnats have whiskers?, I'm glad that wasn't one of the questions!! (By the way I do overuse exclaimation marks and parenthethies)). Our problem was too many questions on Literature and Art, and not enough on Telly and Pop Music.
The Tally so far for 2008
Sixth Sense 2 wins
3 non Blondes 2 wins
Campanologists 0 wims
Mupets 0 wins

Vicky, Debs & Me - The 3 non Blondes

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