Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Election Fever

or Not so Super Thursday!
I'm suffering from my own personal election fever.
Tomorrow I am up for election to be an Assistant Regional Convenor at our Regional Council in Birmingham. I wont bore you with all the intricate details of Unison's constitution (probably because I would struggle to recall). What it does mean is that I will have to stand up in a chamber full of hardened Unison delegates and give an adress. Now I'm very good sitting at the back, trying to be witty and insightful, but it is about time (40 years old in 2 weeks!) that I "take the bull by the horns", "put my money where my mouth is", "stand up and be counted", "get jiggy with it" (not sure about this last one). Anyway I am up against a lady called Sue who Ive known for a few years. She is really nice and would not doubt do a great job. We have asked to job share, but if we can't its me and her handbags at 2 paces! Well not quite, but there will be over 100,000 votes going one way or the other. My branch has 2,500, so I will at least get that many!
I am a bit nervous about tomorrow, but I'm "in for a penny in for a pound" (I'm off again) so we will see.

On a far more important note
Yay tonight is quiz night. Debs is doing the quiz, so I'm expecting loads of questions on soaps, serial killers, Australia and greasy Manc pop singers! We also have an honary "Blonde" tonight in Cathy a work colleague of Vicky. We need all the help we can to wipe last weeks debacle from our minds.

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