Thursday, 14 February 2008

Quiz Night (3) The St Valentine's Day Masacre

Last nights quiz was a new low point for the once magnificent 3 non Blondes quiz team, and that includes the by now infanous Christmas debacle.

Back to full strength we started the quiz with a completely misplaced confidence. The theme of the quiz was Valentines Day. It became clear very quickly that not only did we know very little about matters of the heart, but there was precious little love flowing through our team. It started with me winding Vicky up by critisising her handwriting and moved on to an almost full on spat over which King Henry VIII wife died my which method. By now Vicky and me were by now staring in totally opposite directions like strangers on a train, desperate not to make eye contact! To call the atmosphere frosty would be an understatment equivalent of saying that the band Venom play pleasant upbeat rock music (This reference is for one person only... you know who you are !) Debbie did manage the difficult task of balancing a dignified approach to our tiff whilst desperately trying to recall the 4 members of the Bananasplits. By the time the scores were read out at half time, we were already 10 points off the pace. With the onset of food at the break, a truce had broken out in the hostilities and we were now merrily arguing the toss over our outstanding unanswered questions. The second half was much more successful. We held our own on the general knowledge and beat the other teams on the throwout sheet. Alas the cause was already lost. The results were in..In 4th place 3 non blondes. We had gone from heroes to below zeros! 3rd place for The Muppetts, 2nd went to the Campanologists (Not for the first time!) and our arch enemies Sixth Sense were victorious! However we were not last after all..We had a secret weapon. I forgot to mention that Vicky's daughter Beth and Debbie's son Sam had joined us due to it being half term. We managed to provoke them into forming their own team so "The Chav Kids" were born. Now dont get me wrong they both did really well due to Beth's knowledge of Henry VIII wives and Sam's obsession with James Bond films. However they did score less than us so technically we weren't in last place! I always new there had to be a use for kids!

Point of note...Due to our disastorous showing coinciding with Debbie and Vicky quaffing a bottle of wine before we left home. I am now insisting that, just like Footballers abstaining from sex the night before a match, our team must abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to a quiz meet. Now myself being the only non drinker in the team, I dont think my suggestion went down well with my team mates already naffed off with my supercillious atitude that night.

Well to bastardise the end of Gone With The Wind "Tomorrow is another quiz"

Sixth Sense 3 wins
3 non Blondes 3 wins
The Campanologists 0 wins, (but loads of 2nds)
The Muppetts 0 wins


Billy Whizz said...

You can't be serious on the no booze rule! It's required to loosen up the neurons and get the pathways flowing.

I really have to try and join your team for at least 1 quiz and perhaps the team could be called 3 non blondes and a slappy

Jenny Harvey said...

Good Idea slappy!

If your neurons got any more loose, we would be picking them up off the floor

Billy Whizz said...

maybe but at least you won't have to chae them, they'll jsut lie there

Jenny Harvey said...

What is the deal with your typing tonight. Your neurons obviously need tightening