Wednesday, 20 February 2008


My Annual General Madness!!

Tuesday night was the Annual General meeting of our Unison branch. Rightly so, we all have to be democratically elected every 12 months. However this doesn't help my general state of neurotic pessimism . Leading up to Christmas I got myself in all sorts of a tis! (This may have been coupled with my hormone induced anxiety (Dont know how long I can keep blaming hormones!!)) I had convinced myself that everyone was thoroughly fed up with me. Sometimes at branch meeting I get carried away. I have an annoying habit of thinking I can explain everything to death. So when my views are challenged, as they should be, I can in the words of Father Ted’s housekeeper “Go on, Go on Go on!! I remember one meeting in November ,I went on like this, and made a total twonk of myself. I am always on a bit of a high at these meetings, but afterwards I can suffer a bit of a downer and that November I ended up sitting outside my house in my car getting more and more angry and upset with myself. Anyway I resolved to get a grip. I guess I must have done so because last nigh the branch re-elected me for 12 months.

Anyway, thanks to my branch for the support. I am proud to belong to the best Branch, in the best Region, of the best Union in Great Britain


Billy Whizz said...

Really chuffed, all the electorate did was their job in voting inthe best candidate.

However don't get me drawn into issues of union as you know our politics differ as I am woorking in sales for the petrochemical industry (and no that doesn't mean I do the night shift at the local filling station), that said I've mellowed over the years

Billy Whizz said...

God I wish I didn't make so many typos

Jenny Harvey said...

Hey thats ok. Socialists need petrol too

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to the midnight trips
I used to think the "cover of darkness" would hide my fears and a rushed make up job.

The first journey into the female public loos is quite a joureny as well

I enjoyed reading your blog