Thursday, 21 February 2008

Quiz Night (4) The Campanologists Strike Back

Well, this week we were tragically down to 2 non Blondes .Vicky selflessly commited herself to her work, instead of joining in our weekly humiliation (If last week is anything to go by) . This week it was the turn of Norma from The Muppets to set the quiz. Instead of the gimicks and random categories that usually make up our quiz, this was 72 question of Hard Core General Knowledge! For us it started badly and then got gradually worse. There was controversy from the off. "What North American port has the name meaning White House?" "North AMERICAN?" came the cry from at least 1 one us. She confirmed that was the question. Debs said "Its Cassablanca" I typically poo pooed this saying its not in America. Of course I was later shown to be wrong! (or the question was wrong, either way no point!). The first half continued in the same vein. We strugggled with other querstions like "Harpaxo is a phobia of what?". The break came as a relief.Good for me, it was hotdogs on the menu (On a Red Day, for fans of Slimming World. So the dogs were sans bread! ok it was just sausages then) We turned our minds to the throwouts. One sheet was criptic clues to British Town names (eg "Ma's feeling better?" or "The director's order for the striking cast?" - The first correct answers posted on a comment wins absolutely nothing!) The other sheet involved guessing nursery rhymes from the last lines. I was confident, Debs being a classroom assistant she was bound to know the nursery rhymes! Turns out kids don't learn nursery rhymes much these days (I think they are better with Rap Lyrics), but fortunately Debs was really good at the cryptic town names. Scores were read out for first half. Muppets 22, 3 non Blondes 27, Sixth Sense 34 and The Campos. 37. We were done for!!. No way back from that... The second half questions seemed even tougher. A question came up on "Which animal has the longest tail?" Where was Vix with her QI book of Animal Facts when we needed her. The temptation in the mobile phone age to cheat and call her was palpable. But 3 non Blondes have nothing if not our intergrity (Plus we would have been caught!!)The quiz ended with the lovely question "Mesothelioma is better known as what condition? (Better known by who!! Not even Dr Gregory House would know that! mmmm I wish Dr House made house calls!!) ..We had marked Six's answers and thought we had made up ground. The final scores are in..Look away now if you dont want to know! In 4th place The Mupps with 58, 3rd The Blondes with 59, 2nd The Sixes with 61 and the clear winners (after 4 weeks of 2nd places) The Camps with 69. Though we were disappointed, we were genuinely pleased for the Camps as they have been so unlucky recently (And it still leaves us joint top!)

Next week we will be back to full probably last again!

Sixth Sense 3 wins

3 non Blondes 3 wins

The Campanologists 1 win

The Muppetts 0 win


Sam Carter said...

may i point out that Debs is not a classroom assistant and is an early years practitioner two years of studying theorits and linking them to the norms. My dear lord.

Jenny Harvey said...

Well sam carter, your vocabluary has improved!
Unlike your mum's knowledge of Nursery Rhymes

Billy Whizz said...

Mesothelioma is better known as

Skin cancer according to my Vicki

Jenny Harvey said...

Clever thing
Is she free next Wednesday

Billy Whizz said...

Bloody Motherwell of course