Saturday, 23 February 2008

Aren't You Thingy?

Last night I babysat for Debs. As you can see from the last 2 posts, I was bored!
A drunken (on his part) phone call with Billy at 2 am, in which he reminded me that he once did "Bob a Job" for Darts legend Eric Bristow, got me thinking about the many (by that I mean more than 2) encounters I've had with famous (I have a very wide definition of famous) people

+ I literally bumped (or clanged is his case) into accident prone, half man/half scaffolding, 70s heartthrob, ex 500cc World Motorcycling champion Barry Sheene, at Silverstone

+ I exchanged grumpy gestures , with "They Think Its Over", and "Holding The Baby" , Stoke City supporting ex Teacher Nick Hancock, while waiting for a much delayed train on Platform 1 at Stoke Station

+ I met the phillandering, twice resigning, ex Home Secretary and once Sheffield City Council Socialist David Blunkett and his lovely guide dog Lucy on a windswept Skegness seafront.

+ I once sat behind and then followed "Dead Ringer's" impressionist ( I dig his Tom Baker) John Culshaw all the way from London Euston to Stafford Station car park.

+ I once queued up behind 2nd worst hair cut in football (Carlos Valderama anyone ?), "Silky" skilled, cult favourite Stoke City and Wolves clogger, George Berry in Tean Chip Shop (point of accuracy, he ordered fish in breadcrumbs and large chips)

+ The sadly departed, joke machine, game show master and now spookily appearing in a Prostrate Cancer campaign in cinemas, Bob Monkhouse, once opened the Hydrotherapy Pool at Stallington Hospital, while I was a Kitchen Porter.

+ I washed dishes for Bouffant haired, audience member killing (ok so the poor man died in an acident on his Late Breakfast Show), Cosmic Ordering, TV comeback king Noel Edmonds, while I was working in the kitchens at Alton Towers

Come on any readers out there, you must be able to beat that
"Large Chips Please"

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