Thursday, 7 February 2008

Quiz Night (2) Debbie Does Meakins

"The Sweetie smell of success"

Yay !!! We are back on top of the now infamous Meakins Cricket Club quiz. Debbie's quiz was a triumph. We managed to scrape a victory at the last gasp. At the end of the questions we were locked tight with The Campanologists on 53 points. It was down to the throw out sheets. An eerie hush settled over the room. The pregnant silence of anticipation (*overmelodramitic allert*) was only broken by cry "Could I have the throwout score ofr The Campanologists. "33" rang out the reply. Vicky and me exchanged knowing glances of self satisfication. At last our year of eating chocolates and sweets bore fruit as we outscored everyone by identifying various brands of confectionary through cryptic clues. We scored 35.
It would only be fair to point out that we were aided by Sixth Sense being down to 1 member. I guess they were more accurately down to their 2nd Sense. I thoroughly expect them to be back on top next week. I also think the Campanologists are due a win after 2 close second places

Debs was on fine, school mistressly form as our quizmaster. By the end of the night she was gleefully putting down any heckling as if we were her class of 4 year olds. I am afraid that Vicky will be insufferable now, since she pointed out that we finished a distant third without her and have now won the last 3 times she has been on the team. At least next week Debs will be back to referee our bickering.

3 non Blondes 3 wins
Sixth Sense 2 wins
Campanologists 0 wins
The Muppets 0 wins

Now, in the words of Samuel Peepys "Time to bed". I learnt that tonight!___________________________________

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