Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Words..don't come easy to me

I clearly have a tendancy to use pretentious words in an attempt to appear errudite (there you go). I evidence the totally unessesary and possibly innappropriate use of cathartic and idiosyncratic (hope the spellchecker is fixed soon). This is not what 40 years of living in Stoke should have produced. I intend at some point in the future, to include the words zeitgeist, schadenfreude and floopy (see Douglas Adams) in a vain attept to appeal to the Southern based Literati.

If you know of any other useful words that will endear me to the chattering classes (I wish there had been chattering classes at school, I'm sure it would have been more fun than physics) please let me know, because I feel I may have run out.

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