Wednesday, 27 February 2008

"We Could Be Heroes"

Did the earth just move for you?

Sadly it did not for me. I missed the earthquake at 1 am. I was driving home from Vicky's after a hard session of Heroes series 2. It took nearly 90 mins to watch each 45 min episode because we had to stop every 5 mins to debate (argue) each and every plot point. My head is still spinning from Vick's convoluted theories. I grudgingly have to admit she was right most of the time, and seems to have a unique power to foresee what is coming up. If only she could use this Heroes like power of hers as a force for good in the world, instead of just being able to obsess over geeky TV. I have decided that I must have a Heroes ability somewhere waiting to be discovered. Right now all I have is this odd throat scratching noise (that I share with Billy) and an unusually heightened sense of disappointment. I don't think that makes me a great threat to Sylar!

As for the quake. I was disapointed (see, my super sense works) to miss it. I didn't realise we had experienced one till Vicky phoned me half an hour ago. She claimed things fell off her coffee table, but that could just have easily been down to Vodka!

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