Thursday, 14 February 2008

Turning 40

Deep breathe in..I will be 40 on Sunday...Slowly breathe out... There I've said it.

Ive not quite got my head round the thought of being 40. That is definately a grown up age. Am I grown up? Do I behave like a responsible mature adult? Should I by now be buying The Daily Mail (This will never happen, while I am still able to form a thought! (unless they give away a good free DVD)), worrying about the price of property, harking back to a golden era (The 80s!!!), bemoaning how easy it is for the "Youth of Today",and saying things like "why can't they write a proper tune! like those nice New Romantics", "What sort of name is 50 Cents",and "Wot is it wit all this txt speak! lol"? The stark reality is that I am now as closer to my parent's generation, than to that of someone leaving University.
In a desperate bid to still feel vaguely attached to a youthful age I am currently scouring application forms and surveys where I can tick a box labled Age : 20 - 39. I can do this for 3 days only!
I never thought my actual chronological age would bother me, but clearly it does. It is surely no coincidence that I started blogging 2 weeks before my 40th. There is a danger that instead of becomming more responsible post 40, I will have contra reaction and start to behave more erratically. I may even consider a tattoo, although it may well just say "Best before Feb 2007"
All joking aside, turning 40 has made me reflect. My main regret is that I took so long to get to grips with who I really am, and I will never get that time back. I must endeavour to make sure the 2nd half of my life, living as I always wanted to be, are the most fulfilled and cherished years of my life.
Posted by Jenny Harvey (Still in her 30s)


Billy Whizz said...

Wouldn't worry about being 40, after all it's a shoe in that I will suddenly become mature in 20 months time (for those who don't know me that's when I turn 40).

I fully intend to immature for the rest of my lift. However I feel the same way about my life to date but sod it, I'm off to the pub tomorrow to get drunk as I'm leaving my company.

Billy Whizz said...

That was supposed to say "to be immature" I just can't fecking type and am too impatient to check my post

Jenny Harvey said...

Who really wants to mature.
Thats the problem with 40. The world expects you to be grown up.
For our generation 40 should be the new 30.
Anyway however old you are I will always be older.

brad said...

"Best before Feb 2007"

I don't know if that's original, but it's a good, silly idea.

"I must endeavour to make sure the 2nd half of my life, living as I always wanted to be"

There you go :-)

Jenny Harvey said...

Dont think much I post is original Brad. Still if I ever did have a tattoo it would have to be silly.Lifes too short after 40 to be serious

brad said...

I'm only 43.