Thursday, 28 February 2008

Quiz Night (5) The Revenge of The Sixth

"A game of 2 halves". This football cliche was perfect to describe the "Blondes" performance in the phenomenon that is,
The Meakins Cricket Club quiz.

It was the turn of a Lynne from the Sixth Sense to set the quiz. This coupled with one of the Campos recovering from surgery meant that 2 of our rivals were below full strength. We were back to our fighting weight of 3. Vicky and Debs wisely declined to join in my suggestion that we do a group huddle followed by a cry of "Go non Blondes" with arms raised! I did argue that I was the only one with real team spirit, but I expect they were both right in their opinion, that I am on occasions, a complete idiot! The quiz started intriguingly with an odd one out round. The sort of pointless knowledge needed for this was right up our street. We scored well with our knowledge of the names of the cars in "The Wacky Races", and who was an Elf in "Lord of the Rings". We had definitely found our level. We continued to score well until we hit the far to academic subjects of History and Geography
Half Time...mmm... sausage sandwiches and chips
Scores were in: Muppets - 24, The Campos - 32, Sixth Sense - 33, Blondes - 38!
Wow..5 points clear...How could we lose!! (very easily actually)
Second half was 25 questions in a bingo card style, meaning if you got a line first you got a bonus 5 points. We were woeful scoring a measly 12 out of 25. Our tactic of wild guessing and squabbling did not seem to be effective. On marking Campos got the bonus 5 for a line and Sixth scored an impressive 20 points. They were now leading us by 3. We needed to rely on the throw outs for salvation. The throw outs were about recognising Screen Kisses and cartoon rabbits. Surely with our love of kissing (not each other!) and all things Rabbitty (wish I knew the Latin term for this. I can only think of bovine or ursine!.. mmmmmm pork & beef) we would be fine. Of course we weren't. Our ability not to look at the pictures properly meant we lost more points. As the final scores were called out our deepening gloom came to fruition. 4th place Muppets 76; 3rd place Blondes 83; 2nd place Campos 87; 1st place Sixth Sense 90 points
2008 results so far
Sixth Sense 4 wins
3 non Blondes 3 wins
The Campanologists 1 win
The Muppets 0 wins
Question Highlights from tonight
+Odd One Out - Albert Einstein, John F Kennedy, Leonardo da Vinci, Marco Polo ?
+Which pop group consists of David Peacock and Charles Hodges ?
+Who provided the voices for Danger Mouse and Penfold ?
+What are the most Northerly & Southerly capital cities in the world ?
+Which actors famously kissed on the beach in "From Here to Eternity" ?
+Who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe ?
and the real "Head Scratcher"
+If February is the shortest month, which is the longest?

It would be great to have a couple of more teams. So if you are near to Stoke (sorry Brad), free on Wed nights, got 2 friends and like hotdogs, drop me an email


brad said...

Not only am I not there, I am a vegetarian too, and don't know if I would know the answers.

Jenny Harvey said...

Apert from that you would be the ideal team mate!

Jenny Harvey said...

I should appologise for the excessive meat content of my Blog.
Reading through I constantly seem to be consuming various processed meat products!! And yet I moan about my weight!! mmm Could there be a connection??

brad said...

Not if you go by the Atkins or similar diet hype, but veggies are generally leaner. I won't go preaching about health and environment. Oh, I just did.

Billy Whizz said...

1. Albert Einstien (no airport)
2. The mighty Chas n Dave
3. David Jason
4. Don't know and Grytviken
6. Chay Blyth
7. October coz of the extra hour

Jenny Harvey said...

1. correct
2. correct
3. half correct
4. wrong
6 wrong
7. correct