Thursday, 21 February 2008

Blogging and Me

More Introspection..
I have to admit I am getting worryingly obsessed with this blogging mullarky. Every waking moment I seem to be thinking about things I can post or include on my blog. When you are a narcissistic as I appear to have become, its easy to think that readers will be interested in anything I post, however mundane. The other day I posted a highly detailed account of a quite disturbing dream Id had. When I looked at it onn my blog, I thought what a lot of absolute nonsense to inflict on the net! So I very quickly deleted it! I’m sure this obsession will quieten at some time. Right now a day without Blogging is like a day without chocolate . Both make me feel instantly happier! But I guess only one is fattening!
I have tried to rationalise why I get pleasure and comfort from putting my life up on the internet. It certainly does have a liberating feel. A colleague at work said I seemed to come more alive on line. In real life I obviously find it hard to articulate my feelings. That is not a good quality. What is it about me that I have never told my brother that I love him, but I can sit on my own and tap it out to be read by all and sundry. I aim to be fully honest and so far have divulged events that may undermine the carefully crafted face I show to the world.
I have had some great feedback since I started. I hope it gives a glimpse into what it is like to be Transgendered. Although the world is now much more accepting of people like me, I still believe there is still very little real understanding. I include myself in this as I still can’t fully understand why my mind doesn’t match my genetic body.

Rejected ideas for this blog so far
+ A comprehensive list of all my shoes
+ An indepth analysis of the lyrics of Buck Fizz
+ My recipe ideas – basically lots of different sandwiches
+ My fiscal strategy for the nation –including Tax relief for Trans people who need 2 seperate wardrobes
+ Fun with Physics!
+ Exercise the Jenny way – You too can have a body like mine


Billy Whizz said...

You don't have to, somehow I think I might have become more balance if I'd had a bis sis from day 1 instead of getting suspended from school for trying to blow it up or having an 11kV electric shock at Donington!

By the way you might have noticed that I've had a few glasses of rouge tonight but then that's the only way I can say what I mean most of the time

Jenny Harvey said...

I guess we both would have had a better time and less fights if I'd been your big sis. What the hey! I was never going to come out at 11!
Think mum and dad might be comming round. dad called me She on one occasion to Vicky!!
Hope the new jobs going ok.
Im sure you always say what you mean. Its just that we rest of the world havn't caught up yet

brad said...

You have stuff you want to share with other people, so you put it out there, or rather, here.

I would think that in time your obsession will calm down and one day you might find that you have nothing to write about. Hey, it could happen, but then I don't know you that well either.