Monday, 4 February 2008

Transwottsit ???

What is this Transgender thingy you talk about?
Since I became Jen, I have occasionally refered to myself as Transgendered I am often asked what that actually means.
Transgendered to me, is an Umbrella Term (I am now thinking about an umbrella themed joke...I am so easily distracted) to include anyone who feels at odds with their biological birth gender. This can include anyone who identifies as Travsvestite, Transsexual, Cross Dresser and more. If I was to be pushed, I suppose I am a transsexual, but I do now prefer just Woman. I, of course steadfastly refuse to be pigeonholed, but sometimes labels can be useful.
To me Transgendered defines a spectrum, with Tentative Transvestites at one end to Total Transsexuals at the other. My view of my place on that spectrum has definately moved over time.

LipGlossary of Terms
  • Transvestite - Someone who gains pleasure or comfort from dressing and presenting in the opposite gender from which they live
  • Transsexual - Someone who lives as and identifies themselves as their a gender different to that at birth. Pre-op and post-op are sometimes used, but I prefer not to refer to the state of peoples bits!
  • Gender Dysphoria - Medical diagnosis term. Means gender unhappiness (from the Greek I think). I guess now I am happy being a woman I now have Gender Euphoria.
  • Transition - The process and period of change to living in a new gender.
  • Cross Dresser - Similar to transvestite. also when I have snagged my tights twice when getting ready
Terms used in the Transgender Community
  • En Femme - Dressed in female clothes
  • In Drab - Stuck in male clothes
  • T-Girl - short hand for Transgendered
  • To Pass - Go out and about without being spotted as Transgendered
  • To be Read - If you fail the above endevour.
  • Transit van - Easier to get changed inside, than the back seat of a car.
For anyone working in the NHS
  • Agenda for Change - New pay and conditions framework, that I clearly took too far!!
  • I did promise Vicky that I would never ever use this pathetic joke again!!

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