Monday, 10 March 2008

Screech Therapy

Today at work I received a surprise phone call from my Speech Therapist. She had called to rearrange an appointment. As soon as she identified herself my calm phone manner deserted me. All I could think of was what my voice was sounding like on the other end.
I am supposed to practice and concentrate on improving my voice. I am of course hopeless at this. I have the concentration span of a ...... (now I'm too busy thinking of a clever clever metaphor instead of completing this post thereby proving my point!), My practice seems to start the morning I realise I have a session, so I rehearse desperately in the car on the way! It's just like when I used to do my homework on the bus to school, rushed, ill thought out and a bit all over the place. Anyway in trying to impress my Therapist, my voice undulated erratically. Instead of a nice sing-song feminine lilt, it had the quality of one of those screechy tone deaf X-Factor / American Idol auditionees!
Anyway just like the teachers marked on that homework, I must try harder. My therapist is a fantastic lady and I must not waste the opportunity


brad said...

Was that Henry Higgins' method?


Jenny Harvey said...

"In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen."
Is that better Professor Brad

brad said...

Hee hee

That was a good reply Ms Jenny.