Monday, 24 March 2008

Bank Holiday - killing time

This has been a weird and cold cold Easter
I have spent most of it so far finding ways to avoid tidying the house. This morning I found another way. I decided to do a Word Cloud.

click to see full size
I think as a time wasting excersise this is a runaway success.
Now, what else can I do on a cold afternoon justifies not cleaning?


brad said...


Do they go together? Understand yourself and you'll be tidy?

Then again: don't think, just do.

Jenny Harvey said...

untidy is as untidy does!
Brad, I am beyond help. Leave me behind. Run and save yourselves!

Billy Whizz said...
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Billy Whizz said...

Just to bring some physics into this discussion.

Entropy dictates that every system tends to a state of maximum disorder, which is precisely what you're doing.

From a statistical standpoint complete ramdomisation of an infinite systems brings absolute predictability (are you following me).

Therefore all you need in order to reach the fabled tidy nirvana is an infinite area into which to expand your mess.


Jenny Harvey said...

What fantastic advice.
So I need to spread my mess.
When am I visiting you next.