Sunday, 9 March 2008

For Curry and Country

Saturday night we went out to celebrate Deb's upcoming birthday. We celebrated in the time honoured traditional Stoke-on-Trent way. That is a Curry and a Karaoke! Debs, Vicky and I were joined by Vicky's delightful and occasionally sober cousin Michael. Our establishment of choice was the Chandni Cottage, just outside the city walls. By the end of our meal my companions were all happily and deliriously drunk, and we inevitably moved on up to The Duke of Wellington in Blythe Bridge, where to our "delight" (some of us more than others!) there was a karaoke in full swing. Vix was of course in her element. She decided the pub needed a good dose of Country so microphone in hand she lurched into a rendition of "The Harper Valley PTA", complete with cod American drawl and somemoves to match. Her occasionally in tune performance elicited a range of responses from bewilderment to laughter. Still at the end the crowd were on her side and responded with wild applause. Debbie stepped up next and belted out "Lipstick on your collar", her enthusiasm making up for the lack of musicality. The strangest part of the night was meeting a 6'7'' "Pineapple" called Joe. We were not exactly sure what the reason was for his fancy, nor as to whether it had to be fruit based. He was 18 and had the cutest smile ever. We never gave him a chance to get away. I made some pathetic height based jokes, Debs tended to drape herself around him and Vix insisted he strip off his costume so she could be as a pineapple. He took it all in his not inconsiderable stride. We got home in the early Sunday hours, with only one of us suffering some minor bruising, which I shall leave unrevealed for minor dramatic purposes

Vix and Michael and A pensive Debs & a white faced geek

The very cute Joe, and A Pineapple


brad said...

"minor bruising"

It's always an adventure with you :-)

Jenny Harvey said...

"minor bruising"
It involved one person's highly unelegant exit from my car.

Anonymous said...

who is that beauty thats sits there must have her number