Thursday, 6 March 2008

Quiz Night (6) 12 Angry Quizzers

It was my turn to step up to the plate last night. My first time as Quiz mistress.

Compiling the quiz, reminded me of (not) doing homework from school, as i found myself desperately finishing everything off last minute. Any sensible person would have just ripped off the whole quiz from the net. Not me of course, My stupid arrogance meant I had to handcraft every single question to be the perfect specimen. Of course being me, the reality never quite lives up. My biggest mistake was trying to base a series of questions round our 4 team names! Trying to think of 5 interesting questions based around "Campanology" proved somewhat difficult. In the end I had to stretch the concept to include a question on "Carry On Camping" (see what I did there).
Due to help help on a question from my blog reader Brad in California, the quiz has now been renamed the Internationally Renown Meakins Cricket Club Quiz.
I kicked off with a question based around a TV doctor named after Sherlock Holmes? (I am clearly obsessed with this man!) I thought it was clever but everyone couldn't quite understand the concept of the question so I has to rephrase the question a couple of time. This stuff is more tricky to do than I thought. What a pity Jeremy Beadle passed away recently, he was good at quizzes!. I settled into my stride. Must admit my diction and delivery is hardly that of a Magnus Magnusson (another dead person! whats up with my references), so of course there had to be plenty of rereads. Everyone seemed happy enough with the first section on Films and Telly, but when I announced the next topic was Politics, I got a general consensus of "Oh No"s. I was also away all through the first half of either glares of hatred or smiles of realisation, depending on the question in my direction, from my depleted team mates in the far corner. i wasn't totally sure they would ever speak to Me again after the quiz. Would that be a good or bad decide! One thing I did notice about the "Blondes" sans Jenny, is that they didn't argue half as much as when I'm there. Don't know what that says about me. In the break we dined well on sandwiches and chips.
Second half started badly for everyone with sport and then I moved on to my Team Name themed questions. These seemed to go down quite well, with some good laughter all round! The quiz was finished off the the throwouts. These were 3 pages of pictures to identify. Buildings, Sit-com characters and Car Insignia, plus 5 questions where you had to list 5 things. Such as name the 5 boroughs of New York.
I am going to leave you all with a modicum of tension. I wont reveal the scores yet as Vicky has promised to do me a report from the quiz floor.... to follow


brad said...

You actually used That? That was a hard / obscure one. You are a tough quizzer.

Jenny Harvey said...

I like hard and obscure.
It gave me the excuse to call the quiz International!