Thursday, 27 March 2008

Quiz Night (9) Blonde Actually

Its Easter week for the amlost religious Meakins Cricket Club Quiz. We were 3 non Blondes + 1 this week, with our friend Samantha joining us. Sam is the Blondes music consultant, and with our dreadful record on music recently, we needed the help. Typically this was the first week where there was no music round! We were also accompanied by three of our offspring, Sam, Beth and Abigail. Ostensibly this was due to the holiday period, but the real reason was for an emergency 5th team that we might be able to beat and hence not finish last!

It was Sixth Sense's Gaynor's turn in the hot seat. That meant they were down to 2 members. With the Campos also still down to 2 members, this was a good opportunity for us. It is always difficult gauge a usual strength for the muppets as their numbers seem to range week to week from 4 to something in the mid 20s.

Gaynor started with some Pot Luck. We did ok on this. We did let ourselves down trying to remember the name of the care Richard Hammond crashed in on Top Gear. All of us are avid viewers, but our minds were as blank as our bank paying in books!. We then moved on to the highlight of the quiz. Movie Quotes. Gaynor read out lines from classic movies, with a passion and intensity that moved me! Well I did nip off to the loo! These quotes became longer and longer, until the last question when she pretty much performed the entire last half hour of Love Actually. This was another good round for us. The round following was Only in America. We would have been better for us titled "Only in Weston Coyney and the Meir!" The last round of the first half was on Disasters. This was right up our street, and for this first time we got 10 out of 10. It was nice to see a return for the "Name the Russian Sub that sank? -The Kirsk" question. This is its 3 rd appearance, ranking second only to the "Worlds largest Rodent" question which has made 4 appearances to date. We have adopted the Capybara as our quiz night mascot, and will henceforth make an appearance in every Blondes' quiz!

Half time refreshments. Linda had put on a full spread. I just sat miserable being committed to a Slimming World - Red Day. However my mood lifted when the scores came in. Campos - 28, Muppets - 29, Sixth Sense - 35 and us the Blondes - 28

Second half teed off with a fiendish round on Words, in which Debs excelled herself by spelling Diarrhoea correctly. The next round was right up Vix's street, as our resident Bible and Latin expert. It was titled The Good Book. Thanks to Vix we did really well on this. The final round should have been right up my alley, being on Current Affairs. I was chuffed to remember the name of the Indian Company that had bought Jaguar and Landrover, but the round was too current, and I hadn't listened to the news that day. The main quiz over, we turned to finishing off the throwouts. We had gone as far as we could recognising some leading men from photos. They were an eclectic mix of men. Cant be often that Foggy from Last of the Summer Wine has appeared next to Republican candidate John McCain. The second throwout had tortured us throughout the quiz. Anagrams of Comedy Characters. We eventually thrashed out 13 out of 15. One anagram "A CLEANER RENT LOFT SHY MAN" drove Debs to Captain Ahab levels of obsession, but unlike he, she never got her Dick!

The final scores were in: Campos - 75, Muppets - 79, Sixth Sense 82 and The non Blondes - 93...... We are back!

" When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.”...

and so is VICTORY Actually

Sixth Sense - 7 wins, 3 non Blondes - 4 wins, The Campanologists - 1 win, The Muppets - 0 wins

Highlight Questions

+ What is the best selling bottled drink in British bars?

+ What is the chemical symbol for Tin?

+ What film does this quote come from? "I believe in two things: discipline and the Bible. Here you'll receive both. Put your trust in the Lord; your ass belongs to me"

+ I which state in America is Mount St. Helens which erupted in 1980 killing 57 ?

+ What is Dendrology the study of ?

+ What was first seen on the floor of the London Stock Exchange, 26th March 1973

+ Which Comedy Character is this anagram. BILLY WAS FAT ?


brad said...

Ooh, ooh. Finally. I actually know some of those answers and have seen the movie "Love Actually".

Jenny Harvey said...

Perhaps our quiz is becoming more America friendly. It must be your influence Brad