Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Quiz Night (7) A Cheese Too Far

It would be great to be able to report a dramatic nip and tuck tussle for victory at this week's Meakins Cricket Club Quiz sponsored by The British Cheese Board™ "Because Cheese is not just for Crackers" Sadly I can't because this week it was a runaway victory. I will try and leave an air of tension by not revealing the winners (Like you can't guess!)

It was the turn of the Campos to provide the quiz. With one member still absent (Get well soon John xxx), this meant it was down to Mick to ring the bells by himself! The other 3 team were at a full fighting weight. This quiz was literally the Sublime to the Ridiculous, starting with Art and Literature and ending with Cheeses! Let me provide the filling for this Art / Cheese Sandwich, if you will!

We started ok on the literature questions, until the question Who wrote "A Spaniard In The Works"? We spent ages trying to remember the actor who played the Spanish waiter Manuel in Faulty Towers. After going round the houses we cam to Andrew Sachs....Sadly the answer was John Lennon! This pointless and plainly wrong deliberation meant we missed the next couple of questions. We struggled through geography and found our feet again on TV and Science. Half time....mmmm Sandwiches and Chips... Ironically no cheese sandwiches though. Thanx to Vix for volunteering us, our team will be providing food next week. The scores were in... Campos - 32 ; Muppetts - 34 ; Blondies - 36 and Sixth Sense - 47!, yes 47 out of 50!!

Second half underway...First section on Dr Who was good fun and we did well. Next up film quotes, again a good round for us except for the "Think we gonna need a bigger boat" quote, in which we went through the whole cast of Jaws, except for the right answer the recently departed Roy Scheider (NOT Schneider, there is no N! as everyone keeps saying!). We were woeful on the music round. Then came the Quiz defining round.

Name the 10 best selling Cheeses as listed by the British Cheese Board?

I will leave the answers to you except the one answer that drew unanimous scorn. Cottage Cheese is NOT a cheese. The BCB are wrong. It is just lumpy yoghurt! !! I have never seen the quiz club so united. We moved to the throwouts. Identifying TV shows from pics went well. Then we had some tricky dingbats, eg CKXOTS, which was Stock Exchange (you get it!) The final scores were in The Campos - 85 ; The Muppetts - 95 ; The Blondes - 98 and Sixth Sense - 114! Hardly a close run thing!

One important note. The peace and harmony was over. The 3 non Blondes were back to their bickering best. I'm sure that is in no way connected with my return!

Highlight Questions :

+ Which one letter TV series featured an alien invasion?

+ What is the part of the body with the technical term Coxa?

+ What did 3rd Dr Who John Pertwee call his car?

+ If Fort Knox stores US gold, where is Silver stored?

+ Who was the Boxer featured on cover of Beatles Sgt Pepper album.

and one Dingbat : What word do you get from : 1.London, 2.Moscow, 3.Cairo, 4.Paris, 5.Jerusalem

Results for 2008

Sixth Sense 6 wins

3 non Blondes 3 wins

The Campanologists 1 win

The Muppetts 0 wins

Please note We are all awaiting Vicky's report on last week

A happy 2/3 rds of Sixth Sense


brad said...

Did I mention you have really hard questions?

Jenny Harvey said...

That is why we have stopped winning. Sixth Sense are freakishly clever. I am begining to think they have sold their sould to the evil satan of the pub quiz

Anonymous said...

Aaaargh, what is the answer to the "1.London, 2.Moscow, 3.Cairo, 4.Paris, 5.Jerusalem" question?!?! I need to get back to my life...


Jenny Harvey said...

Well Stephen. Its probably not worth putting your life on hold.
The word is ...

Stephen said...

Oh dear. Thanks though :)