Saturday, 1 March 2008

Saturday Slumping

I was awoken by the sound of the telly going off. I know that sounds odd but I'm so used to having BBC News 24 or Radio 5 Live going through my head while I'm asleep, that the absence of noise seemed to kick start my brain with a jolt. It is such a bad habit and not terribly green. It also means that the world's news constantly seep into my dreams. Currently Barack Obama is a favourite in my dreams. Could be worse though, I don't relish the though of Gordon Brown popping into my head, or anywhere else for that manner! Anyway, I awoke on Debs sofa because I was babysitting over night. The telly blinked off due to the prepay electric meter running out, but at least it got me moving before midday on a Saturday, which is an achievement.
I had been in a good mood all afternoon when while slaughtering "Circle of Life" to the car stereo, I again lapsed into one of my annoying self pitying slumps. This revolved around me opining how I would never meet anyone, let alone have kids. Thankfully Vicky was on hand with a prescription of 2 measures of comforting mixed with a good dose of reality. A couple more mind twisting episodes of Heroes later and I was back to some semblance of sanity.
Vicky is on a date tonight so I performed my usual duties of keeping her calm while she panicked her way through a list of misplaced date essentials. Ive stopped round her place while shes out, so we can have a full date debrief when she gets back. Just watched some dire songs competing for a spot in the Eurovision Song Contest. Where are you Bucks Fizz when your country needs you!
Not Gordon Brown
Worst news today. The mighty Potters, Stoke City have slipped from top of the Championship. How many points do we need to avoid relegation!


Billy Whizz said...

Matbe but I'm sure we'll be back on top by 3pm.

I'm finding this a bit weird, I'd have been over the moon (get the footy cliches in early) if we'd have made the play offs but now anything short of top spot and I'll be sick as a parrot

Jenny Harvey said...

It is far too stressful for me too.
Suddenly footballs not fun anymore

Billy Whizz said...

Oh bollocks!