Friday, 21 March 2008

Boomerang News

I have just heard that a Japanese Astronaut on the Space Shuttle Endeavor, has proved that a boomerang does come back in space. Now if Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History 0f Time", had included such information I might have been able to read past the first half (well page 1 to be honest). This throws (sorry) up a number of questions.

If you were orbiting the earth in one direction and threw the boomerang in the opposite direction, would you meet yourself coming back? If said boomerang was thrown into a black hole, would Relativety Therory mean it return with an infinite mass ? Would an infinite mass boomerang be quite tricky to catch? Is Relativity Theory ,just relative? Was my 2 years of Physics a waste of Taxpayers money? (Please do not answer) What an inconvenient week for Arthur C Clarke to pass away.

The Constellation Boomerang Minor


brad said...

I didn't know he died until I saw that he was going to be buried yesterday. How come that was news, but his death was not?

Jenny Harvey said...

His death did make the news over here

Billy Whizz said...

If Heisenberg threw a boomerang I'm not certain that it would come back and if Shrodinger threw one inside a box you'd have to open it to find out. It would have to be a big box though.

I wonder is comets would come round quicker if they were also boomerang shaped.

Jenny Harvey said...

All very good points.
Hope your not going to make Philosophy the cormerstone of your Conference workshop.
If Descartes through a boomerang ... nope I can't think of a funny answer, thereofore I aren't

brad said...

If Descartes threw a boomerang, he would know he exists by the lump on his head.

Not funny, but you're the comedienne not me.

Jenny Harvey said...

I think my head hurts, therefore I pain

I blog, therefore I virtually am

Blame my brother for all this philosophy stuff.