Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I made the mistake of introducing Vicky to the world of Googlewhacking, via Dave Gorman’s DVD. I have been "persuaded" to have a Googlewhack Showdown (Sounds like a great idea for a new TV game show, eat your heart out Alan Partridge!) This will involve Laptops at 3 paces (The distance from her sofa to chair) The winner is the first to find a ‘whack. We are meeting for lunch and knowing us, all we are going to do is shout random pairs of words at each other
Subsequently I am desperately trying to think up some obscure unconnected words. Trouble is, because I’m hungry (no change there) I can only think of food words!
....”Trouser, Stroganoff” I wonder if that will work. Mustn’t cheat and check first.
There really must be better uses for a day off work

For more on Googlewhack please see http://www.davegorman.com/

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