Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Friendship Poem

Over lunch today the subject turned to my Blog (my doing obviously!). I told Vix that I reckoned she should start one herself, and post of the poetry she's written in the past.
She didn't seem that keen and was focused on an attempt to lift a pottery container using the wedged sachets of various sauces contained within. As you can tell we only eat in the classiest of restaurants!
However only half an hour after we had left I received this email

To : jenny.2000@hotmail.co.uk
From : Victoria
Yo Dawg...cant find the book with my poems, so I'm just going to do you one now!.....dear lord! Friendship....

+Your friendship is a funny thing,
can make me cry, then make me sing.
+Sometimes you make me laugh all day,
and wash those black clouds far away.
+You make me see its not so bad,
you're my shoulder when I'm sad.
+And when I'm feeling all alone,
and my life takes on a somber tone.
+I know you'll be there with a word or two,
to make me smile, to pull me through.
+So what I'm tryin' to say is then ,
I love you to bits....my best friend Jen xx

Ive never had a poem written for me before (apart from Beth)
I am so touched and in awe.
I tried to write one back but ended up with only 2 lines rhyming "Bits" with "(well you can guess)"
I am blessed to be her friend xxx

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Anonymous said...


you'r my friend and that is true,
but the gift was given from me to you.
we went thru moments that were good and bad,
even moments that were happy and sad.
you suported me when i was in tears,..............

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