Monday, 3 March 2008

HELP, I have quizzer's block

It's my turn to do the (Almost prestigious) Meakins Cricket Club quiz on Wednesday night.
Every waking (and sleeping) moment is filled with possible questions, but they all seem useless when I write them down. I need about 80 and so far have only half that. If anyone out there has any fiendish questions I would be more grateful than a Blogger with a Comment. So if you have any ideas please comment below or send me an email.

Addendum : Its now 2.15am. I am so easily distracted! Instead of finding quiz questions I have just spent 3 hours messing around with a music player (half way down on the right). I can't vouch for my taste in music so if you have any requests I will add them


brad said...

In what Freya North book is "Lewis Carroll living" mentioned?

Jenny Harvey said...

Cheers brad.
You will have to help me with the answer. I googled (The extent of my research methods) Freya North and Lewis Carroll and just got book shop sites

brad said...

"Home Truths"

One of the characters, I don't remember who, lives in a flat with a hallway that leads into a circular hub and the doors to the other rooms lead off of it. Which door to chose? "Lewis Carroll living"