Friday, 14 March 2008

Quiz Night (6.1) There's something about Jenny

She has done it! Vicky has finished last weeks report.

Well after much delibaration and hard finally ready to post my detailed report on the previous weeks quiz... Here goes....
I would like to start this article by making a few things clear to the readers of these reports, if you find any mistakes or incorrect use of punctuation this is so done as not to show just how poor Jenny reporting skills are..... There was a definate air of tension in the cricket club that evening,mainly from us non blondes,as much as it pains me to say Jenbo(Beths pet name for jenny,I like to think she ment to say Dumbo....) actually does come into here element at the quiz so debs and I were feeling distinctly nervous at the prospect of "going it alone" and this was not helped by the fact that while handing out the throwouts Jen decided to whisper(i say whisper but i use it lightly)that she had forgot the answers to part of the quiz!!! not only was there a definate chance that the team was going to look rubbish without her but there was also now a chance the team would look extremely incompetent also!..not that this would be the first time,we actually turned up for the christmas party(goodies in hand) on the wrong day! The teams stood as,sixth sense full team quota,campos at two,non blondes at two and the muppets at 9 million.....I believe there was some out of town help from a muppets family.... The Quiz was about to start we all sat poised with pen in hand waiting for that first question........And this is the position Deb and I held most of the evening,our pen rarely touched paper! Sixth sense were their usual busy selves scribbling down most of the answers,the campos, down john,also seemed busy answering the questions,the muppets were also writing down answers at a terrifying speed......There seemed no hope! suprisingly at half time we had managed to pip second place from the muppets! this injected a health of over confidence into the two of us...."we wernt useless...we didnt need her.....ahhhh we scoff at your quiz Miss Harvey" were just some of the comments flying between us..........then sadly came the second half. This was not one of our finer moments we struggled on the throwouts (shots of bloody buildings! I ask you) and even seemed to find the T.v characters a problem,which was odd as deb really does have square eyes!!! all in all it was a moment akind to the sinking of the titanic(not so many deaths granted)...the final tally was in 1st place Sixth sense,2nd the campos,3rd the muppets and last but not least the 3 non blondes,But as eveer it was a great evening as always......and I just have to say...WATCH OUT SIXTH SENSE...THIS IS JUST A LULL.......and on that mature note im going to bid my farewells and leave the wriring to Jen..........Vix x

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