Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Look Around The Eyes

I took this picture at work yesterday, apropos nothing really. Picture is ok I suppose. My big problem with photos is that I always end up looking cross eyed. I have always had one wonky eye (I was cruelly nicknamed Clarence at school, after the lion). I think it is less obvious in real life, than it is exaggerated by photography. This pic was no exception so I had a go at photoshopping my way out of this affliction! The original looked like the middle pic. After I messed around a bit I ended up with the pic on the right. Granted I am not gonna be an eye model (is there such a thing!), but it was an improvement. Anyway I have to learn to be relaxed about my pictures (not easy for a t-girl), as my employer's magazine/newsletter has just published an absolutely horrendous picture of me presenting an award. I clearly need to improve my image rights!

The pity is I couldn't do anything about my inane expression
Please note that no other pictures of me have been doctored!
(well up to now anyway)


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's always photos that emphasise these things!

I used to have hellish problems with my wig's fringe getting in my eyes, so much so that many of my early pics were of me squinting or apparently asleep.

Some of my early pics actually have photoshopped on eyes from a completely different picture of me. I figured as they were my eyes it wasn't really cheating. :-)

Jenny Harvey said...

Of course its not cheating to use your own eyes.
I on the other hand have cheated and photoshopped the body and head of an overweight 40yo stranger onto my own eyes.