Sunday, 31 August 2008

Further Adventures In Internet Dating (well almost)

Well I am now well and truly ensconced in 2 dating sites. Smooch and TV Chix (always the hedge better). My results so far are mixed (if by mixed you mean poor and very poor).

Well after a week on Smooch I have had a few emails. My demographic appears to be the 50 year wentworth_millerold, bald, married, male bus driver. Still, I shouldn't judge and at least they didn't abuse me! (see below) However today, I got a mail from a very good looking indeed local man, which I just had to reply to. He has a Wentworth Miller (see Prison Break, and left ) quality about him, which is fine by me. The only problem is that he appears to want to be my slave! Now I am all for a man who is attentive, and I do need my guttering sorting (oooo er etc..) but I am not sure I am cut out as a dominatrix! I really have trouble asking for someone to make me a coffee and if someone treads on my foot then I will apologise. Still, the offer is tempting, perhaps as my Slave I could order him to make all the decisions.

As for TV Chix well I have had about the same number of responses. This time just fewer bus drivers. It is with a pragmatic heart that I have joined this site, the title puts me off a bit, but its no good me moaning that I want a nice straight good looking guy to accept and date me as a woman, when I clearly lack some of the required apparatus for the time being! So, hence the aforementioned hedge betting, and anyway I shouldn't be so close minded. It is on this site that I have found an old acquaintance. He is a really nice guy from Birmingham who I chatted to about 3 years ago and very nearly met before. It was down to my utter lack of self confidence in my utter size that I did not meet him, and to my shame I disappeared off line to him without explanation.

Now, he is really lovely, and says all the right things and is very non creepy. However there is a sticking point. Since last talking he has got married. Now of course I don't wish to date, or meet a married man, the 3 Hughs excepted ( I've added Grant to Jackman and Laurie). He does tell me that his wife is Bisexual and encourages him to meet other T-Girls but to be honest this is not the romantic ideal that I am looking for, so I guess I need to keep looking for that Mr Right...ish.

Biggot Watch Update.

Further to my post below. The troops are rallying against the appalling transphobic idiot Iaco (see previous post comments) Great thanks for all the kind support, and particular honours for going above and beyond, go to Penny and Vicky. Penny (offa her blog), has taken the time and trouble to post a profile and snare the poor unsuspecting idiot, who we now know as Andrew, for the purpose of some form of humiliation. My best friend, Vicky (offa her head!), who was already on the site, was contacted by him and has responded in a more direct action style She has put him on the spot saying he has abused her friend. He has at this time denied this, but she is going to confront him with his email as proof. it will be interesting to see his response.

I must admit I may be sharing a little too much, but what the heck this is a blog after all. Next time if feeling more inclined I may even share the tale of my only date as Jenny so far, that happened about 2 years ago...well maybe I may


Ellie Cartwright said...

I double dare you to blog your date, Jenny. :]

I wouldn't worry about it too much, Mr. Right is there for you. Even if he's just "Mr. Right 80% Of The Time"

P.S: I hope Hefner and Fearnley-Whittingstall aren't next in line for induction into 'the Hughs' :]

Pandora Caitiff said...

Bravo to the work of the Special Bigot Unit.

And good luck with meeting a fella worthy of you :)

Penny M said...

I wondered why 'Andrew' was such hard work - he's obviously distracted by the thought of the Wrath of the Trannies. I'm piling it on and getting monosyllabic answers back. Even the mention of my boob job didn't seem to get him going...

alan said...

If you finds one of us who is right 80% of the time you're doing well!

Alas, though I'm giving my age away, I firmly believed 40 years ago we were headed into a world where bigotry would die a terrible, writhing death and not dare to raise it's head again in this universe. Instead, it was hope that died in hails of gunfire in my country anyway, and only now seems to be raising it's head again.

I hope that before my grandchildren inherit this world that no one has to fear the likes of Andrew!


LucyTolliday said...

Can't do the reet dorty talk either, seems to a prerequsite in a lot of ads and profiles tho. Being someone mistress doesnt appeal either. Still havent done the tvchix profile prob my best bet *sigh*

Anyway, best of luck though I suspect you'll have to get through some On The Busses types till you find your prince.

Jenny Harvey said...

Ellie> I am a sucker for a double dare so watch this space. As for the Hugh roll, Hefner no no ; flingy-Whatshisname maybe but only if he serves normal food. Other possible Hughs for the future. Wheldon, Lloyd, Green, Cornwell. Some of these may be dead

Pandora> The SPU is a cool and sexy name

Penny> Stirling work, specially on the boob front!

Alan> I would probably settle for 8%. Oh and Go Chiefs!

Lucy>If things dont improve I will probably settle for a Reg Varney alike