Sunday, 24 August 2008

Internet Hating

I decided to dip my toe in the murky world of the Internet Dating site. I have waited long enough for either of the 2 Hughs (Jackman or Laurie) to come knocking on my door, soaked through in the pouring rain asking if they could dry off in my front room (I may be getting slightly carried away here). Anyway its seems unlikely that they will be passing by Stoke any day soon, so I turned to the interweb thingy. I had one overwhelming criterion in choosing as site and that was it had to be free.

My first attempt was on the massive behemoth of a site called Plenty Of Fish. This is a site on which few of my friends have made some successful contacts (and a few less so). The tricky thing for someone in my position is how to compose a profile that balances my wish to come across as a normal heterosexual woman and the need to make my gender situation clear (ish). I plumped for a user name of jenny now, and in my description referred to the fact that I had been living as a woman for over 3 years. Apart from that I hoped to come across as regular girl. Well after painstakingly crafting a profile such to ensnare the most eligible men of the nation, the site failed to accept my registration. After 5 more frustrating attempts I still haven't managed to post a profile. I was really disappointed because this seemed such an accepting site and I know other girls like myself have profiles there. I'm still not sure why I can't get on. It's either because there is something about my laptop not compatible with their software or I choose to believe I am obviously so gorgeous that it is felt I will unbalance the site!

So I turned to another free site called Smooch. I posted a very similar profile and used the pic of this blog. This was last night and on awakening I checked to see if it had produced any responses. Ooooo... 2 messages in my box. One was sadly from the sites admin welcoming me. The other looked more hopeful from someone in Stafford only about half an hour away. I opened his male and looked down for his message, my first.


From : Iaco

To : jenny now

We don't want any faggots on this site


Great!! Literally hate email! I was gutted. Its been ages since I last received any real gender hate and that was when some kids spat at me about 3 years ago. Just when I started to feel part of the the human race as a whole, someone comes along to say get back in your box! Well I have reported the "gentleman" involved, but I must admit it has put me off the whole project somewhat. However I think I will give the dating game a little more time. You never know I guess. My last option failing this is to join a site I have been on before called TV Chix, which as its name suggests is aimed at T girls and admirers. I know my ideal is to be part of a regular dating site, but perhaps I need a dose of realism.

Adendum : I am sitting round my parents finishing this post and have just had my dinner. Now if the following isn't proof behold that the universe wants to put me in its place, my mum has just served up....Faggots !!!faggots copy


Katy J said...

Hi there Jenny, just popped by to have a look at your blog as I haven't been here for a while.
I am not a huge fan of Internet dating as you have experienced of the sad people who also use them. Well at least you kept your sense of humour :)
Take care xx Katy xx

Pandora Caitiff said...

You missed the obvious response to Mr Moron - "And yet they let you in..." :)

If its any consolation I've been at OKCupid (in "bob" mode) for a couple of years and haven't had so much as a date from it.

Keep plugging away, there's somebody for everyone out there (apparently...)

Jessica Hart said...

The stars are obviously conspiring against you... repent of your sins, faggot :) (or face being served with gravy and greens)

LucyTolliday said...

My tentitive classified just got politely ignored at least you got a reply. Cant speak on tvchix as I still havent got round to filling out my profile.

Good luck anyway

Jenny Harvey said...

Cheers Girls

I guess I've had it easyish last couple of years and forgot there is still biggoted hatred out there. God knows what they are scared of.

I don't have the highest expectations of my dating project, but what the heck.

As for faggots I do still like them, even though they are a moor man's Haggis!

Jenny Harvey said...

moor man???

alan said...

I've lurked here a few times, having seen your posts elsewhere, but had to say something seeing this one, I hope you forgive me!

I wish sometimes there were a way to send a "taser" charge back through the keys to someone who says things like that...

And revoking their permit for the gene pool might be nice as well!

I'm sorry that someone decided that they had to prove themselves an ass and had to show you.

As far as being able to get into a site, sometimes these magic windows we use are a bit flaky; supposedly my desktop and laptop are running exactly the same generations of programs, yet one will let me pay my mortgage and the other won't...

I hope you forgive my intrusion!


Penny M said...

Gosh, Iaco is an odious little %$£@ isn't he? I've signed up to Smooch just to bait him, and it's easy money so far...

Penny M said...

So, do we want to invite 'Andrew' along to a TG support group then girls? I just won't mention that until he arrives...

Penny M said...

Oh, this is going to be so easy... he wants to know if I'm married!! Exactly how humiliated do we want him?

LucyTolliday said...

:) *wishes I thought of that*

Jenny Harvey said...

Alan- Thanks for your kind words and for joining my elite band of commenters, commentors, commentators (not sure which is right).
thinks..mmmm collective noun for the above maybe an Opinion of Commentors (focus jenny dammit!!) You are the first man to talk on here, as my brother Billy never counts!

Penny- you are an absolute genius and a good friend.
Revenge is a dish best served deviously.
Of course his humiliation need to be total
Let me know when you do the big reveal!!
Interestingly although I complained I'm not sure any action is taken

Billy Whizz said...

What!!! Why don't I count. Is it because I'm only 5'8"?

Jenny Harvey said...

Bill you dont count on 3 counts.
1 You are my brother and are clearly on here on that basis or this is the worlds biggest coincidence
2 You are usually too drunk to be able to count
3 I needed a third count

As far as you height. I suggest high heels