Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Bourne(mouth) Intimidation

Well Ive just finished packing, and tomorrow I'm off to our Union's biggest conference of the year, in Bournemouth. Now when I say packing I mean stuffing as many different clothing options into a cheap suitcase hoping the seams last out. I am currently suffering the usual mixture of excitement (Yes I am tragic enough to get excited by this sort of thing!) and the jitters, due to the fact that this year I will have to speak. As you see, it isn't the most intimate of venues, and it will be full, so I am just a tad intimidated. Anyway I had better get some sleep for once, although I think the train journey takes about 3 weeks, so I should be able to sleep to the rhythm of the sleepers.
I have just noticed that my posts / day have dropped from a high of 1.18 Feb through 1.13 March, 0.77 April to a pitiful, paltry 0.48 last month. I don't subscribe to a quality over quantity ethos. Give me bulk any day! On a restaurant menu I will usually pick the biggest portioned meal for my bucks. So on this basis I need to pull my finger out and give more value for money! If this month on month fall in productivity fails to be reversed, as early as September I will have ceased writing any new posts, and by Christmas I will have deleted half of the remainig ones.
The enigmatic Gammo Speng has now fully broken cover and started to make tentative human contact. This morning I awoke to see his face around 6 inches from my face. Of course, as soon as I made the slightest move in his direction, he bolted like a bat out of the blue (My favourite mixed and confused metaphor!(just realised its not even a metaphor)). Other examples have been incidents of foot sniffing and much squeaky meowing. These initial but brief contacts bode well for an eventual lasting detente. I must admit my impending absence from these ongoing exploratory engagements, will not help progress, but I hope that Vicky, deputising for me will have made a significant breakthrough by my return.

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Pandora Caitiff said...

Good luck at the conference.

And if you want to increase your post count, why not post Gammo Speng updates as separate posts? I'm sure even if nothing is going on in your life, you can fill with kittie-cat goodness :)