Monday, 30 June 2008

Quiz Night (something!) - The Muppets Take Meakins

Its back. The Post Thread that absolutely no are is talking about and even fewer actually read. Yes it’s the Meakins Cricket club Quiz.
Well I've been away only one week and look what happened. Even more surprising than Stoke City’s promotion. Even more unexpected than the Andy Murray victory Ive just watched, and as unlikely as Vicky & me getting through a quiz without a pointless raw. Yes, wait for it, (drum roll) The Muppets have won (Guess the post title gave it away a bit). Now all dramatic suspense is lost, but in the style of Colombo (a fellow wonky eyer), where we know the murderer from the beginning I will plough on in a shambling manner.
The room looked different this night. Sixth sense failed to make an appearance. I would like to think they seared off by my return, but I think they probably had other commitments! The mighty Non Blondes were supplemented by Michael a cousin of Vicky’s and a friend of Debbie and me. The Muppets were also a bit sparse on the ground as Norma was the quiz setter for the night. So here we go!

I wrote the above 4 nights ago with the intention of completing the full report at a later date. However that time has come and now sitting here in a Faceless Wolverhampton hotel I dig out my paperwork and notes in order to write said report. But Doh! and Doh! Again! The only papers I have are from a four weeks ago! So as my inner Homer said, Doh!. Anyway The Muppets won and that’s enough for anyone to take in. I do promise to do better next time, and of course a Blogger’s word is her bond (and if not, I do have a delete Post button in emergencies)
Highlight questions
+ Oh I can't remeber. Something about Capybaras I suppose!

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