Thursday, 22 May 2008

Quiz Night (14) The Quizzes of Staffordshire County

I know I'm a week behind ( better than having a weak behind!), however some minor scuffle between a couple of middling footie teams, and future Stoke City victims has meant no quiz this week. Boooooo. Still every cloud...I have a whole week more to badly write my report.

So here we go. Last week it was the turn of SixthSense Sue to grill us in another round of the enigmatic Meakins Cricket Club Quiz.

We were once more deprived of Vicky, who had selflessly given her self over to work. Last time Sue set the quiz it was more tricky than applying liquid eyeliner on a train (trust me I've tried it!).
It was a good old fashioned hard core general knowledge quiz this week, kicked off with a few questions from this week's news. It's amazing how hard it is to recall details from just a few days passed. I am a total news junkie, yet my mind went blanker than the comments page on my blog! I got particularly frustrated trying to recall the name of that mad Austrian bloke, who bricked up his family in a cellar, even though it was wall to wall on the news. When the first half finished Debs and me thought we had done ok. Just shows how little we knew. The scores were Muppets 33, ThreeNonBlondes 34, Campanologists 38, SixthSense 42.

The half time sandwiches and rolls looked really tempting, but I am still forlornly sticking to my diet, so I just plucked out the meat from a sandwich as a got my head down on the dreaded Throwout.
Usually we do ok on these but this week was fiendish. There was an anagram of an actor to unravel and then 15 anagrams of his films. After much head straining we figured the actor to be Clint Eastwood. So we set about recalling his films to see if they would fit. "Dirty Harry" obviously, but no! "In The Line of Fire", on the telly just the other night, but no! It appeared that Sue had mischievously chosen some of his more obscure film. Still we did get a few like the titular "Bridges of Madison County" and "Escape From Alcatraz", mainly because it contained a Z. The thing that drove me mad about these anagrams was that the letters weren't randomly jumbled in the usual way, or even arranged into alternative words such as CLINT EASTWOOD = OLD WEST ACTION. No, the letters were arranged alphabetically so "The Good The Bad and The Ugly" became AABDDDEEEGGHHHLNOOTTTUY! for crying out load. It was so counter intuitive! Anyway rant over and back to the second half .

...or not. When I usually write these reports I keep hold of the answer sheets and recall the accompanying questions. Now belatedly writing this a week late all I see is a random list of words, so if anyone could provide the questions to these answers given I would be eternally grateful: Lou Ferigno, Raffles, Spanish Riding School, Stone Fish, E, Syphilis and Capybara. The final totals came in.

Muppets 61, ThreeNonBlondes 70, Campanologists 74 and SixthSense 87!

With my inability to recall any questions in detail, I will leave you with a few Clint Eastwood film anagrams.
Share my pain !


Pandora Caitiff said...

Wow! Those are tricky!

AEFILMMOPRSTYY = Play Misty for Me
EEEHKLLORSSY = Kelly's Heroes

I haven't got a clue on the last one though: ABCDDEEFGHIIMNNOOORSSTTUY ? Insanity!

Jenny Harvey said...

good stuff pandora.
For the last one.
As David Frost said on Through the Keyhole (I think) The clues are there

Billy Whizz said...

Who was the The Incredible Hulk?
Where was the Singapore sling invented?
What is
What is the name of the famous Vienna Riding School/
What is the msot venomous fish in the world?
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine better known as?
What connects Adolph Hitler, Ivan the Terrible, Henry VIII and Al Capone?
What is the largest rodent in the world?