Friday, 2 May 2008

Hope not Hate

I'm sitting listening to the local election results. Looks like a terrible night for Labour. I'm just keeping my finger's crossed that the BNP fascists lose their seats on our council and my ward in particular. I'm not hopeful though. I have no idea how so many of the people of my city are fooled into thinking these people are not at heart, the National Front thugs of old.

I guess there are still too many hate filled people out there. Although as a Trans Woman I have found people kind and accepting, I have suffered a little abuse on my own streets. However on one occasion, I was spat on by a couple of kids on bike, shouting out "Scum of the earth". I have no idea how kids would develop such hatred, other than from the attitudes and values of such people that would support the vile, divisive policies of the BNP.

I still have Hope.


LucyTolliday said...

Thats a terrible thing to have to endure however strong someone may be.

I agree with you but sadly nationally a net increase in their number of councillors and a GLA member.

Jenny Harvey said...

We now have 9 of them on our council ! A Shame on our city