Friday, 9 May 2008

Quiz Night (13) The Three Quizzetters

This week we were sadly one team down, with The Campanologists missing in action. So it was down to three teams to battle it out in this week's swashbuckling Meakins Cricket Club Quiz.

It was our very own Debs in the chair tonight, so me and Vicky were left as a bickering duo. Fittingly for an Early Years Practitioner (never call her a Teaching Assistant!) The first half of the quiz went through the alphabet, and satisfyingly the first answer was A for Apple. Less satisfyingly the quiz got harder. By the time we got to Y, we were asked to name the Tent from Nepal made from the skin of Yaks. Amazingly both SixthSense and us came up with the comedy answer Yak-a-Mak. Apparently the answer is Yurt.

The first half also had 20 linked questions with each answer starting with the last letter of the previous one. We only missed out on one answer. What is the name of the young of an Otter (No its a little 'otter jokes please). We figured it had to start with W and end in P. So we plumped for inserting random letters in between and ended up with the stupid answer of WhalloP! The real answer is Whelp.

Half time hotdogs were duly scoffed

The second half was Entertainment questions. We started pretty well but soon descended into the tactic of writing really illegibly, on the off chance it might look like the right answer. This tactic I remember served me well through O levels, but it was never going to fool those Muppets, who were marking our paper. We would have to rely on the throwouts. Identifying TV shows was ok for us. Especially with such classics as The Banana Splits and Wil o' The Wisp. The other was to work out makes of car. For instance "Gracie Fields owned a villa on which island?" the answer being Capri (my suggestion that there might be a Ford Lesbos was clearly misjudged).

So the time had come for the scores.

The Muppets 52 + 12 for the throwouts = 64. ThreeNonBlondes 59+13=72 and the runaway winners SixthSense 74=17=91. That works+ out SS scored 26% more than us. A dictionary definition of a good thrashing!
+ What S is the white part of the eye ?
+ Which Father and Daughter starred in the film Paper Moon ?
+ On which river does New York stand ?
+ What word means the opposite of Zenith ?
+ What model of car is the musical term for quick or lively


Pandora Caitiff said...

Hmmm. Tricky questions!

Without using Google. I seem to recall New York is on the Hudson, and the car is the Austin Allegro.

Is the opposite of Zenith a Nadir? Or is that the opposite of Apex?

Penny M said...

White of the eye? Don't know
Ryan and Tatum O'Neil
The East River?
Don't know the car.

I'm off googling, back in a mo...

Jenny Harvey said...

Are you two free Wednesdays!
We could clearly do with your help.
Oh, and your answers are all correct