Monday, 21 July 2008

A Letter From A medico

Out of the blue I've just received the report from my last visit to the mecca of Gender Reassignment that is Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic. I nearly missed it as it had somehow wormed its way into the inside pages of the free North Staffs Advertiser newspaper right next to the adverts for plumbing service.
So here I had it in my hand, an experts opinion on my personality, my place in society and my ability to assimilate as a woman. I opened it expecting to read a long technical report full of psychiatricspeak.
The report was actually quite brief and matter of fact which I guess is entirely appropriate, but the arrogant fool in me was disappointed that my life can be distilled into one side of A4. The report contained the following points
  • I am apparently prospering in my work for the Trade Union
  • My debts are not increasing
  • My weight is decreasing
  • I need to get down to 15 stone and 37'' waist!!
and finally
  • My only persisting difficulty is my dysconjugate gaze (wonky right eye) which he proposed the radical solution of glasses or a contact lens!

Such insight could only be gained from years of study and research. Joking aside, they seem happy enough with my progress, which I guess makes the long trips to London wort it.


LucyTolliday said...

Instead of throwing in a typically flippant comment, I'd just say I'm delighted it's gone well and been worth it.

Jenny Harvey said...

Thanks Lucy
Don't dive up on the flippancy just yet.