Saturday, 12 July 2008

The Banks, the Brazilian and The Bishop

Today I've been down to Birmingham for our union's Regional Council (Don't worry 'bout what that is. just a bunch of Trade Unionists trying to put the world to rights through blathering). Since I was elected to an assistant convenor's post I now find myself sitting loftily on the stage platform peering, but not looking down uon the delegates, who between them weild over 100,000 votes. The main thrust of the meeting revolved around the upcoming Local Government strike on Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully the strike will be well supported and effective. I will be taking some leave so I can join a picket line somewhere. The meeting was in the canal area of the city centre, Brindley Place, which has been beatifully redeveloped over the last few years.

Meanwhile....On a rectangular patch of grass just a mile or two from my home, a football match is taking place between a team managed by Gordon Banks and another by Pele and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I kid you not. I wish I'd been there to see the venerable anti apartheid hero bouncing down the touchline abusing the ref . Its an event to mark the unveiling of a statue of Banks, who was a hero at Stoke. In the 1970 World Cup Banksy (the other one) made what is regarded as the best save ever from a header by Pele.

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