Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pointless A to Z blog photo project thingy

I've been lulled into participating in a thing by a young blogging marketing student ( but don't hold that against him), called Charlie.

The pointlessness is on that each day in February I have to snap something relating to that day's letter 1st=A, 2nd=B and so on and on and send them to him, along with the other feckless, time-wasting bloggers. There are actually some very good pics on there

Not sure what to do on 27th and 28th though.

I've managed it so far, but today is K and I'm struggling. My problem is that I have accidentally found a theme of pictures of commercial signeage or advertising. Don't know how this happened. Being anal, I amnow  loathed to divert from this pointless and quite dull theme, even though my first 2 pics had no theme at all. Any suggestions for forthcoming days much appreciated.100_0217 100_0220 K is for .......




The first 2 A for lack of Ambition and B for Bottle Kiln were un stressful, un thematic! and very poor!

I do need (I really dont' need!) to revisit these.


100_0223 discount diver elephant in the room

C for Claptrap                    D for Discount Diver           E for an Elephant with the Room


F for Faded Ferodo   G for Gender Gap H for Happy Hoarder

F for Faded Ferodo                             G for Gender Gap                         H for Happy Hoarder

I for Iggynominy J for Just the initials

I for Iggymonimy                             J for Just the Initials


I really do have better things to do right now. Just can't think of any of them right now.

Oh heck, Q, X and Z are still to come, and the letter W has always been the bane of my life!

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CSouthwell said...

Thanks for the plug.

And good luck for the tricky ones.